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Word Usage

  • Don't use these common nonwords

Avoid using the following nonwords.

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  • Phrases that undercut messages

Burying a message in executive buzzwords will sink your credibility.

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  • Steer clear of these redundancies

Beware of using redundancies when you speak and write.

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  • Make sense of these 5 word pairs

Don't make the mistake of using the wrong option in these tricky word pairs.

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  • Dodge these common mistakes

Even more tricky word pairs to watch out for.

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  • Words in Action

Disparity vs. discrepancy

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Come out on top during negotiations

Communication Briefings
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April 2014 Issue

Negotiations are tough enough without negotiating from weakness. Use the following tips to overcome your weaknesses and negotiate powerfully:

Also in this issue:

  • 5 management mistakes
  • Coach staff to resolve conflicts
  • 2 sympathy traps to avoid
  • Capture leads with SlideShare
  • Structure conversations for results


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Communication Briefings Blog

Posted on April

What drives you crazy when it comes to workplace communication? What misstatements and bad habits push your buttons? Your friends and family probably tell you to stop nitpicking - at least that's what we hear all the time.

Don't listen to those people. You are a person who cares about effective communication. And you are the type of person from whom we want to hear.

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